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Sunfold handles many silver products.

Some of the vintage silver rings we carry at Sunfold have 925 stamped on the back.

Today, I would like to write about what this 925 means and its etymology.

  • Meaning of 925
  • Origin of sterling silver

Meaning of 925

The number 925 represents the purity of silver.
In other words, a silver925 ring is made up of 92.5% silver.
The remaining 7.5% contains other metals such as copper. Of course, 100% pure silver shines more as silver, but silver is very soft and easily damaged, so it is made stronger by mixing other metals into an alloy. Silver925 is also called sterling silver.

Origin of sterling silver

There are various theories about the etymology, but silver with a ratio of 925/1000 was used to manufacture money in England in the 12th century. seems to have been called (It seems that there are various theories, so the truth is unknown.)

The word sterling itself is still used to mean "genuine" or "true".

These historic British silver coins were made from 92.5% silver until 1920. And regarding the currency, it is still called the sterling pound as the official name.

silver950 (silver 950)

Since 925 silver was 92.5% silver, 950 silver is 95% pure silver. As the purity increases, it becomes silver with more brilliance. In addition, by increasing the purity, the original softness of silver comes out. Because it is easy to process, silver 950 is often used for craftsmen's handmade accessories and tableware. Also, although it cannot be said unconditionally, it is said that the 925 was often used in casting, which is manufactured by pouring metal into a mold.

What is the charm of silver?

After all, if you take care of it and use it carefully, you can enjoy the brilliance semi-permanently. I also think that silver is a unisex material that can be enjoyed by both men and women, and is a material that blends in with any kind of fashion.

Sunfold handles many such silver accessories.

I would be happy if you could feel the charm and aura that current products do not have.

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