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Mexican jewelry vintage ring "21"

Mexican jewelry vintage ring "21"

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This is Mexican jewelry using a technique born in Mexico in the 1950s called Metales Casados, which means "mixing metals" in Spanish. The top features a sun motif, which is often seen in Aztec ruins, and we assume that the material is crushed malachite, brass, and copper. This technique is already obsolete due to its high cost.

The ring itself is 925 silver and doesn't have much glare, so it feels good on your skin. The size is 15, so it is suitable for men's main fingers. You can see "Mexico" on the inside, "APB", probably the designer's initials, and an eagle mark on the outside. From this eagle mark, we can guess that this ring was manufactured between 1955 and 1980.

Size: No. 15

Material: 925 silver, copper, brass, malachite (probably)

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