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Zapotec rug (50 x 40cm, light blue)

Zapotec rug (50 x 40cm, light blue)

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This is a Mexican rug purchased locally. This is also known as Zapotec rug, and locally it is called Tapete. A naturally dyed wool rug woven by the Zapoteco people of Teotitlán del Valle , Oaxaca, Mexico. We do not use chemicals for dyeing, instead extracting dyes from nature such as indigo for blue, rosemary for yellow, and cochineal insects collected from cacti for red, and dyeing the threads before weaving. It has a very natural color. The unique color combinations of the local people are also attractive.

This is a cushion size of 50 x 40. The perfect size to place on top of a chair or under a houseplant. A beautiful piece with a natural light blue color. The center is woven with an original pattern from the workshop where it was purchased.

Size: 50×40cm

*Fragments of trees may be mixed in when dyeing the thread. The product is inspected at the time of purchase and in Japan, but if you notice it while using it, please gently remove it by picking it up with tweezers.

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